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Passion Driven Self-Marketing Plan!

Looking forward to meeting with the attendees of 40 Plus DC tomorrow November 19th, 10am-11:30am to share how you can develop a self-Marketing Plan grounded in your personal passions!

Come join us, RSVP here:

Has your career experience been filled with what you think you should be doing versus what you want to be doing?

Do you feel that you are constantly drawn to the same kind of job descriptions, applying for the same opportunities over and over, none of which connect with that fire in your belly?

Well now is the time to make a choice to move forward in your search in a different manner!

A very wise mentor once shared “find something you are passionate about and if you can turn that into work, it will never feel like work.” This advice has lead me to so many valuable work experiences that have kept me engaged and striving to effect change in the world. Making a choice to direct your job search towards things that you are naturally passionate about may feel like a luxury reserved for others, but it is not. This is something we all must take the time to consider, so we can build careers grounded in things we are personally driven by and naturally gifted to do. Additionally, being personally mission-driven allows you to present more confidently in interviews.

Come to this workshop to figure out how to identify what personal and professional passions drive you and how to create a personally mission-driven self-marketing plan. We will also discuss ways to avoid burn out if you are in a position that allows you to work towards those professional passions and how to stay connected to why you entered the field.

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