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Resume Assistance

We will review your resume together and discuss what changes you would like to make. We will ensure the content is accomplishment-based versus task-based so employers understand your skill strengths and what you will bring to their team. I am also able to re-format your resume to give it an updated modern look.  

Identify strengths and top skill sets 

This is the most crucial component to finding your confidence while moving through the job search. We think we know what we are good at, however, spending critical time to move through exercises that serve as specific examples of each strength is key. We will move through those exercises so that you may offer specific outcome-based examples of your strengths, so employers are sure of what you have to offer.

Interview Preparation

The interview can often be the most stressful portion of the job search, however, when you know what your skill sets are and have examples to illustrate your match for a position, your confidence increases tremendously.  Coaching on this topic can range from mock interview questions, preparation for researching the company or identifying examples to illustrate your skill sets. 

Salary Negotiation 

Salary negotiation can be an uncomfortable thing, be it for a new role you are applying for or making the value add in your current position. We will discuss the right time and manner to answer the questions regarding salary needs. 

Changing  Careers

I have worked with clients in various stages of their career, some who have done one thing for decades and want to move into something new as well as those that picked a career but realized it was not what they wanted after all. Anything is possible when it comes to how your career evolves, it is all based on transferable skills. I will work with you to identify those and how to focus on them in an application for a new role. 

College Applications and Interviews

Other Services As Needed

Workshops and Group Facilitation

Applying to college can be overwhelming, knowing what schools are looking for in application essays or how to find the right scholarships to help pay for school. I can assist you and your student with all of these components be it for an undergraduate or graduate school application.  

I can assist you with updating your LinkedIn profile, assist you with drafting the perfect cover letter, coach you on your delivery of content for an upcoming presentation at work or school or prepare for difficult discussions with a supervisor, co-workers or those you supervise. 

I am available for group facilitation of any size on topics ranging from those listed here, or how to direct the job search process in general, identifying your passion for a role and staying connected to it, Servant Leadership, communication and feedback in the work place among a few. Or we can develop a curriculum together based on what your group needs.  

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